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Our purpose behind this series is driven by a singular mission: to give voice to the victims and survivors of familiar trafficking. Our aim is to create a powerful and thought-provoking docuseries that delve into the complexities of this issue. Through our work, we strive to expose the hidden truths, generate empathy, and inspire society to take a stand against familial trafficking.
Each docuseries in our collection shines a light on the dark corners of familial trafficking, revealing the deeply personal stories of victims, survivors, and their families. Through intimate interviews, emotional narratives, and gripping storytelling, we explore the multifaceted dynamics surrounding familial trafficking, creating a platform for healing, understanding, and change. Simply shining a light on trafficking being simply stranger danger.



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Your donation to the project will help us continue producing compelling and impactful stories. With your support, we can amplify the voices of survivors, provide resources for life success, and raise awareness on a global scale. Every contribution counts, and together, we can bring an end to this injustice.

At Mission Wonder Women, we believe that by exposing the truth, we can dismantle the walls of silence surrounding familial trafficking. Explore our process of the docuseries creation, engage in the conversation, and be part of the movement for justice and healing. Together, we can create a world where no person, no family, no community is torn apart by trafficking.

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